SQUISHIT® Home Series - Starter Manual 5x8cm Rosin Press
SQUISHIT® Home Series - Starter Manual 5x8cm Rosin Press

SQUISHIT® Home Series – Starter Manual Rosin Press


The cheapest rosin press in todays market that actually works. Weighing 10KG it can provide you with 1000LBS of downward force. If you are on a short budget or need a lightweight rosin press that doesn’t take up much space, SQUISHIT have you covered. To keep things cheap SQUISHIT used a single digital controller, a 5x8cm heatplate and the audible alarm needs to be manually started.

DISCLAIMER: This rosin press is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances.

All SQUISHIT rosin presses come standard with a 1 year warranty and are all thoroughly tested prior to shipping.

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Starter Manual Rosin Press Features

  • Solid aluminium heating plates for easy maintenance and even heating
  • 180° Rotating Level/Top Plate For Easy Access
  • Digital timer and alarm
  • Manual locking arm to maintain pressure
  • Dual heating plates for increased temperature stability
  • Update touch screen temperature controllers, display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable pressure knob
  • 1 year standard manufacturer’s warranty, from date of purchase

  • Starter Manual Rosin Press Specifications

    SQUISHIT Rosin Presses - Starter Manual Rosin Press

    What’s In The Box

    SQUISHIT Rosin Presses - Home Starter Rosin Press - WITB

    LCD Guide

    SQUISHIT Rosin Presses Guide LCD Rosin Press 2

    Starter Manual Rosin Press Parts and Components

    SQUISHIT Rosin Presses - Starter Manual 5x8cm Rosin Press - Pointers

    1 – Power Button

    2 – Heat Plate

    3 – LCD Controller

    4 – Manual Handle

    5 – Adjustable Pressure Knob

    Recommended Squish Bags

    Recommended Rosin Bags for the Starter Manual Rosin Press : 1×2″ (1-2 Grams), 1×3″ (2-3 Grams), 1.5×3″ (3-4 Grams).

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